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Product Overview


The Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Through online brokers, trading can be executed within milliseconds, offering high-speed transactions with small spreads and low trading costs. Prices in the Forex market are influenced by multiple factors and change rapidly, creating numerous trading opportunities.










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Diverse Portfolio
We provide a wide range of assets and markets from around the world for you to choose from, allowing you to utilize your investment insights to create wealth in different stages of investment.

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Efficiency and Flexibility
We offer different trading products that cater to your risk tolerance, enabling you to invest with flexibility at every step.

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Top-tier Regulation
We are regulated by ASIC in Australia, providing comprehensive protection for the security of your capital.




Contract Terms:

Company Products:








Account Opening and Recharge Requirement

$100 USD

Trading Unit per Lot

100,000 EUR

100,000 USD

100,000 GBP

100,000 AUD

100,000 NZD

100,000 USD

100,000 USD

Standard Spread:

2.8 pips

3. pips

3. pips

3.2 pips

3.5 pips

3.5 pips

3.7 pips

Equivalent Spread per Lot

28 USD

3,000 JPY

30 USD

32 USD

35 USD

35 CHF

37 CAD

Margin Requirement

1,000 EUR

1,000 USD

1,000 GBP

1,000 AUD

1,000 NZD

1,000 USD

1,000 USD

Maintenance Margin

When the prepaid percentage in the trading account is < 30%, the system will forcibly close the orders in the account.

Overnight Interest Rate (published monthly)

Long Position: -2.15%
Short Position: 0.57%

Long Position: 3.43%
Short Position: -0.59%

Long Position: -0.84%
Short Position: 0-.42%

Long Position: -1.78%
Short Position: 0.26%

Long Position: -0.93%
Short Position: -0.75%

Long Position: 2.68%
Short Position: -4.35%

Long Position: -0.34%
Short Position: -1.33%


The interest calculation formula is: Opening price * Contract units * Actual trading lots * Interest rate * (Days/360). The interest rate is determined by the market and published in the system. "-" indicates interest payment by the investor; "+" indicates interest income for the investor. Overnight interest is charged uniformly on Wednesdays for Saturdays and Sundays.

Lot Limit

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot

0.01-10 lot


$ 0 commission, the lowest in the industry!

Settlement Time

Daylight Saving Time: Clearing time is from Tuesday to Friday, 05:00 AM -06:00 AM
Standard Time: Clearing time is from Tuesday to Friday, 06:00AM -07:00 AM.

Trading Hour

Daylight Saving Time: Monday to Friday, 06:03 AM-04:55 AM next day

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